Not just a floating balloon of hot air – Interesting facts about hot air ballooning.

Aug 21, 2023Activities, Blog, Did you know?

  • The first passengers to go on a hot air balloon flight in 1783 were a rooster, duck and a sheep. All three passengers made it back to the ground unharmed.
  • The real reason for the champagne toast celebration after going on a hot air balloon flight. We might tell you it is to celebrate your safe flight and amazing experience but there is more to this tradition. In France the farmers were not too happy with hot air balloons landing on their farms, therefore, pilots started to take champagne with them on the flight to give to the farmer’s whose farms they landed on as a peace offering.
  • The Pilots cant steer the balloon they can move it up and down but as far as steering goes the direction the balloon goes depends on mother nature.
  • A hot air balloon consists of three parts: an envelope, basket (made from woven wicker or rattan) and burner system which creates an open flame by burning a mix of liquid propane and air.
  • The envelope of most balloons is made from nylon. Due to the fact that the melting point of nylon is approximately 230 degrees Celsius. The temperature inside the balloon usually stays below 120 degrees Celsius.
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