Did you know?

Aug 21, 2023Blog, Did you know?, Latest News

A male lion’s mane is not only for attracting females, but it also helps to protect their neck and head from injury during a fight. 

Lionesses are the primary hunters of the pride but the males do assist especially when hunting large prey such as Buffalo and Giraffe. After a successful hunt, the males will generally eat first. 

The males protect both the pride and the pride’s territory, often doing patrols and marking territory.  They do what they can to protect the pride from competing prides and other predators. 

The best way to recognize a Waterbuck is by the white ring on the rump. They are the only antelope to have this marking. It is a “follow me” sign as it is highlighted making it easier for them to follow each other as they flee from danger. 

Waterbuck are very water-dependent hence the name “Waterbuck”. They are found close to a water source and will drink often during the day.

Elephants are very social animals with a matriarchal system. This means that females live in herds where the oldest female is the one to lead the herd and make all the decisions. If something happens to her then the next oldest female will take over this role. 

Older males will meet up with a herd to breed and then leave again, they don’t spend long periods of time with the females anymore. You will find them either alone or in small bachelor groups. 

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